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NALM, the New Adult Learning Movement, is a network of people that dedicate themselves to investigating ‘adult learning processes’ in a new and modern way. The human being is seen as an integrated entity of physical, soul and spiritual substance. As such is the adult approached in NALM learning paths.

It has identified 3 paths of learning:

Applications of 'new learning' are also being found for particular fields, such as:

A short description of the 3-fold path

Learning Processes - Awakening the Will

In the 'Information Age' each person must find their way to bring life and creative forces to abstract knowledge. NALM has worked out a renewing way of learning for adults that can be applied in many different fields of life and professions. Its learning path appeals to the natural life forces of the human being. Learning enlivens again, makes enthusiastic and rejuvenates our soul and body. Our spirit is challenged, the will awakens.
We found new ways to absorb, to individualize and to make the knowledge operational in daily life. Learning becomes a living process that generates life energy instead of consuming it. These basic processes can be applied to every field of learning.

The learning processes are taken on by:

artObe Belgium

Nalm Italia

New Adult Learning Canada

Destiny Learning - Karma Praxis

The Karma work is the most central and also the newest field worked out by the NALM.
Here we look at life experiences as learning opportunities in trying to find karmic backgrounds of daily life events and their hidden learning tasks. The aim is to free imprisoned forces that we need for our development, our projects and our creativity.
There are 3 main stages, with specific exercises for each stage to keep a healthy balance and positivity while going on a journey of self discovery. The 3 stages are:

Destiny Learning I
The aim is to perceive experiences of your own life as learning material, to understand their hidden meaning. Karmic knots from the past are recognized as positive elements for your journey of self realization. Your learning task may be revealed, with a new sense of your place at this moment in the stream of time.

Destiny Learning II
The aim is to learn tools and methods to take on your destiny as your own concern. Gradually you can transform your self, especially where you felt imprisoned or as a victim, setting free the bound or consuming energies to actively create your life style.

Destiny Learning III and iv
As you change, your relationships with other people and your view on the environment also change. The aim is to extend our horizon and learn tools and methods to let free the karmic knots or patterns that hinder relationships. This is an individual inner learning process that grows through the night and has social consequences.
In the final stage you find a new significance for your life journey and your life intentions.

The destiny work is taken on by:

KarmaArt International

Creative Spiritual Research

This path of learning aims to develop the faculties everybody needs to create new answers to the challenges of our time. Your research quest is accompanied by your self transformation path, becoming the research instrument with the faculties it needs.
The work in stage 3 will guide you to find your way back into your life circumstances with new possibilities, to realize yourself and your contribution to the world. There are 3 main stages:

Creativity became a central field of investigation and application. Art is used to give the whole more substance. Out of this research new fields are growing that contribute to the whole of the NALM. Old ways are constantly improved.

Is taken on by individual people.

Shirley van Houten

Jaak Hillen

This 3-fold learning path was developed by Coenraad van Houten and his colleagues. A broad network of people work with this 'renewing learning', all over the world. Thanks to individual research of many colleagues it is continuously developing.

General contact information: Jaak Hillen, (replace (a) with @)

Last updated 11.03.2023